Tuesday, December 12, 2006

protocol 80 to Launch a new protocol80.com site

Long overdue, but for good reason, we're finally approaching the launch of our new protocol80.com site! The new site has an extensive explanation of all of our products and services, and will allow you to purchase our web applications, directly online!

As you can see (if you're reading this...), we now have a centralized blog with updates on our projects and business. We hope to add more information to the site after launch that helps our clients to take the next step with their web sites, and keeps them informed of new posibilities.

A client area is also being planned, with hopes of centralizing our collaboration with existing and new clients! Please do check back for the fresh, new protocol 80 website!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

JamesPMillerLaw.com Launched

We are proud to be involved with James P. Miller, Attorney at Law! We were recently asked to design a quick page for a transitioning attorney in our area, and delivered a clean design, with a logo, domain name registration, and hosting in one night! It's always exciting to get a project with such a short timeframe, though it definitely adds to the stress level!

Again, this site is a work in progress and will grow quite a bit in the coming months. We're very happy with the base design and logo, and look forward the site's evolution.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

ZippoCaseMuseum.com on the e80 Enterprise E-Commerce System = Merry Christmas

Back in May we had the opportunity to work with one of our longest standing clients, Zippo Manufacturing Company, to implement their first E-Commerce web site, http://www.ZippoCaseMuseum.com, which to date has been an huge success for Zippo. Like most of our e80 installations, we customized ZippoCaseMuseum.com to Zippo's specifications, to allow internal integration with their existing systems, and provide all of the financial data needed on a monthly basis.

We were excited to develop some of the customizations, including payment processing through cyberSource, and a complete reporting suite based on Crystal Reports.

It always makes us happy to see our development lead to other business' success, and this is truely one of those instances! Any time we can help to add to the bottom line, our goals have been achieved.

Congratulations and Thank you to Zippo Manufacturing Company!

protocol 80 to develop FrangibleAmmo.com

We are very excited to be working on www.frangibleammo.com, a new e-commerce web site! Frangible Ammo sells environmentally friendly ammunition that leaves much less lead in the environment than normal bullets. The bullets actually turn to dust on impact, reducing the risk of ricochet, and injury.

The e-commerce system is a customized version of our e80 Enterprise E-Commerce System, and we hope will be very beneficial in increasing sales for Frangible Ammo. We're planning on launching the new site in the first week of January and have great hopes for their niche products!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Subsidizing the Roseart Lighter Company E-Commerce Project

One of our goals as Web Development consultants is to save our clients as much money as possible during our projects. Recently, we began a new project for one of our clients, Roseart Lighter Company, to implement an e-commerce section to their site.

While this project will clearly prove to have an emense return on Roseart's investment, we utilized one of our funding resources to try to get some of the project subsidized. Much to our satisfaction, it turned out that 50% of the project's cost is being reimbursed by eBizITPA and NWIRC. What a break for Roseart!

We aim to use this process on all applicable projects, and Congratulate Roseart on the great opportunity!